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Dear Pluto

A vintage venue with so much more than just threads

Have you ever wondered what lies within the dark abyss that is your grandma’s wardrobe? It’s a minefield few dare to tread, except the cool kids at Dear Pluto- purveyors of the coolest vintage threads in Sydney.

Located in Surry Hills, Dear Pluto is smack bang in Sydney’s vintage/hipster/alternative/cultural heartland but don’t think they stock “mainstream” vintage at new clothes prices. No, no, these people stock the real deal for second hand clothing prices in a small terrace in Surry Hills backstreets.

Walking into the Dear Pluto terrace is like walking into your very own home; shared with a few dozen of your closest friends. The handpicked garments range from floral dresses from the 50s to 60s style shift dresses to 90s. In need of some accessories to liven up your weekend outfit? Dear Pluto has you covered from oversized sunnies to leather satchels, belts and hats for the boys.

Apart from the racks of colourful (and nicely scented) clothing, the Dear Pluto folks hold an array of fun activities out of their Surry Hills HQ. Outside the normal opening hours, the whole crew comes together to present all sorts of fun stuff like speed dating, parties, gigs, movie nights, art and design exhibitions and anything else that rounds out a completely social life.

Head into Dear Pluto on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday’s for the ultimate vintage market shopping experience and stay tuned to their Facebook page for events that you can get in on and just have a bloody great time with these cool kids.

When: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday | 11am- 5pm
Where: 5a Wilshire Street, Surry Hills, 2010



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