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How it Works?


Oxford Street Design Store

Design heaven

Oxford St Design Store  is aiming to challenge the idea of what a commercial space should be.

The brainchild of Louise and Alex De Bonis who run the girl power design themed blog, Tough Titties, this place is all about sourcing products from local designers. The result is a treasure trove of handmade jewellery, tote bags, t-shirts, stationary, homewares and even homemade cookies! There is also a wide range of prints, greeting cards and zines.

All stock comes to the store via submissions from artists and designers, giving them the opportunity to both sell their wares as well as grow and build their brand and reputation. The Grimpress, Forgotten Fancies, Dubbleyou and Hekate are some of the designers who are already taking advantage of this new space.

There’s also a spot at the back of the store for workshops and events, allowing the public to learn new skills and get to know local designers.

Oxford Street Design Store is currently operating as a pop up shop with a six month rolling lease. But with the quality and range of items in stock, as well as the amazing opportunity it gives local designers, we’re hoping it becomes a permanent feature.

Where: 58 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
When: Wed 12-5 | Thurs 12-9 | Fri, Sat, Sun 12-6
Phone: 0405 752 372



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