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Sydney: The Stinking Bishop

It opened yesterday. It's for lovers of cheese.

The Stinking Bishops opened yesterday in Newtown. To rival the offerings of Formaggi Ocello and Salt Meats Cheese down in Alexandria these guys do some of the same and something different. Everyone loves cheese right…co-founders Jamie Nimmo and Kieran Day will be pairing everyone’s love with booze nightly.

The concept reminds us a lot of the great execution by Milk The Cow, our friends south of Murray.

The Stinking Bishops is a take-away cheesemonger just as much as it is a casual dine in bistro. On the cheese front matching’s will be the thing (beer, wine & whiskey)…but for the moment the requisite pairings will have to wait – the liquor license is still to come through. For now, treat them as your local cheese shop and for the moment your dine in options will come minus the plonk.

As for the name – we believe the inspiration is a full fat pasteurized cow’s milk cheese produced in England. The cheese is immersed in a concoction of fermented pears from the local Stinking Bishop pear. As to why the pear is called the Stinking Bishop pear – we don’t know.

Also on the menu – charcuterie, jerky, pickles, pork pies, rillettes, slow cooked meats and a fish of the day.
See you there!

Where: 5/63-71 Enmore Road, Newtown
When: Tuesday to Sunday



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